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Artconography™ and

A seangarrison lexicon

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I became a writer, a literary artist, before a visual artist. One evening while sitting in the studio I created my own lexicon, an "artconography™", based on the English alphabet as we know it. My thoughts were, why not create visual art with my prose by taking it back to when humans communicated via pictures, before they evolved into what we now use to communicate. I use this artconography™ to create art that says something, literally, while being visually, beautiful.

I layer letters and words, visually, spelling out a piece of prose or other writings I have created. So what you see in these works is something said about love, society, social issues, joy, hope, etc.

The "Abstracproseality™" body of work, utilizes this lexicon. It will continue to reimagine itself and inform me when the journey will be complete. Please enjoy this journey and aesthetics of the life in the prose, the stories.

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