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"america's Err BNB: Vol.1 (The Bible)"



acrylic on canvas


Amerikkka 67:1-5


1 And on this day amerikkka discovered an inhabited land, claimed it and called it, its own. A new discovery. 2 across waters it poisoned, she shipped bodies from the west in the deep recesses of its darkness, killin its soul 3 forced labor backed by “the lord’s book” because in their God they trusted. The currency wore God's name as black bodies bore the brunt of building this land 4 and they became the gold standard. 5 For this envy and hate charged amerikkka to plant their seeds deeper into the night, determined to break the audacity of the remaining 3/5ths.

This is the first of three in the "america's Err BNB" mini-series within this body of work. 

In this series I posit three things I feel america has used to control and strike fear in the black body.

The first...the Bible.

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