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"america’s Err BNB: Vol. 3: The Bullet"



acrylic on canvas


This is the third of three in the "america's Err BNB" mini-series within this body of work. 

In this series I posit three things I feel america has used to control and strike fear in the black body.

The third...the bullet.

This minute shard of metal which changes the lives of generations of people is what I call the "neo-noose". Instead of angry lynch mobs carrying out the murder we have many police officers and other vigilantes utilizing the bullet as a new version of power.

Philando, Laquan, Walter, Oscar, Tamir, Trayvon, Terence, Jordan, Sean, Stephon, Eleanor, Breonna, Jamar, Duante, etc.

All outlined by america.

america’s Err BNB Vol. 3 The Bullet


Black roses have plots

Not the Oscar winning journey scribes

But where head stones are inhabitants

Pressing down/through the soil/

Onto the heads

Of black boys and black girls

That didn’t escape america’s excuse

Of “being a threat” or just being happy/

Black and happy is a threat to america.

How can one have the audacity to smile, scream in joy and be excellent in all things

In the face of the barrel with the scent of society on its breath?

america hates what it can't crush

so she gives us yellow tape to

Capture the memories/boundary the tears/

bound our hands behind our backs


and squeezes the trigger.

america looks at us and sees the pain

she has caused

and wants us to die because she is too

afraid to live.

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