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in a crazy world

trapped in between sanity

are lightbursts dying.

how can we hear sound

when chaos crushes silence?

violence in our ears.

I just want to feel

what it's like to not wear the 

weight of my black skin.

the beauty of it

lightens the load maybe that's

i'm in the crosshairs.

A simple note:

I believe in angels, I've seen and touched them. Some humans have

halos tattooed on their souls.

A simple note:

There is a sadness in me. My self-care is art. I use it to chip away at the pain. Who knew a paintbrush had a sharpened edge?

Life Note:

Growing up I didn't have a "silver spoon" in my mouth. Mine was wooden. I beat my drum of life with it. And here I am. Dancing.

I've known 12 to die

not the police, black children

lives snuffed by our faults.

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