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"'Till Tomorrow"



acrylic on canvas


I'd imagine that after Emmitt Till was snatched out of his home he was taken into a green lush and wooded area by the Talahatchie River in Mississippi. Screaming. Scared. I remember seeing the photos of Emmitt's decomposed body as he lay in the casket. I applaud Ms. Till for her intentionally "showing off" the ways of america.

I also imagine the spirits before him rescued him to place him back into the crosshairs of america, knowing that his spirit, what he represented, what he meant to us, could not be killed. He would live eternally.

"Till Tomorrow


The river is not still

It’s disturbed by the lustful lapping,

the sound of the breaking of its

body as it assumed his.

The gurgling of lungs 

after the water passed the equator

causes restless

sleep at night.

The white men slept well,

proud of themselves

after feeding their deadened souls


The casket was stocked

that day/a disfigured body/

america's favorite seniior picture,

taken with the sounds of a mother crying.

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