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"4 xx Didn't Make it To Service"



acrylic on canvas


On September 15, 1963 while four little girls readied for service at the 16th Street Baptist Church, a bomb exploded. And america was four less black children. Domestic terrorism struck as it has done many times at the cost of the black community. 

*xx - individuals with this chromosome pairing are females

4 xx Didn't Make It To Service


No one wanted to pray...

that day in america as she was working

overtime to do what she is always kill/

hands tapping the off beat, out of tune requiem

for four little girls with sticks of death on her fingertips.

Four little men suckling on the roots of her/milking

every ounce of malice until the wick was lit/souls siphoned into a cesspool they all drank from.

Incestuous in a sense as they all had the same mother,


Why do four ribbons float before the first hymn?

Interwoven with strands of beauty that hold on before their final resting place and rebirth as jump ropes

so the little girls can double dutch in the afterlife.

tap tap tap






Rhythm of eight feet from the heavens

tapping the clouds as vanguards of the people/

striking the colors of rainbows from their chest

sending mesages of strength, courage...


...and apologies

that they cannot stop what comes after them.

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