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Artconography™ and

A seangarrison lexicon

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I became a writer, a literary artist, 26 years before a visual artist. One evening while sitting in the studio I created my own lexicon, an "Artconography™", based on the English alphabet as we know it. One that began in Ancient Kemet ( The name "Egypt" was derived from a Greek word.  "Egyptians" called their country "Kemet" which means "Black Land", located in Africa. I note that because many mistake Egypt for being part of the Middle East) as hieroglyphics, which in turn was spun into the Phonecian and later Greek alphabet, respectively and now the aforementioned English alphabet.

It amazed me how pictures served as the basis of what I grew up mastering. So that night I had an idea to marry my literary and visual creative hemispheres to create "technicolor prose"; by bringing it back to a time when humans communicated via pictures. And instead of "walls" or "tablets" language adorned before to communicate, I'd utilize canvas. I use this artconography™ to create art that says something by layering letters and words, spelling out a piece of prose or other writings I have written and creating a work of art that is visually beautiful.


What you see in these works is something said about love, society, social issues, joy, hope, peace, pain, etc. 

The "Abstracproseality™" body of work, utilizes this lexicon. It will continue to reimagine itself and inform me when the journey will be complete. Please enjoy this journey and aesthetics of the life in the prose, stories, and beauty.

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