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"america’s Err BNB: Vol. 2: The Noose"



acrylic on canvas


This is the second of three in the "america's Err BNB" mini-series within this body of work. 

In this series I posit three things I feel america has used to control and strike fear in the black body.

The second...the noose.

There are three things that speak to me the loudest when informing my view on the hate and terrorism in american history. The white hoods, the burning crosses and the noose. 

america’s Err BNB Volume 2: The Noose

In its club we hang

We dance beneath red, white and blue

Strobe lights…….still.

Bodies imitating Stone’s Henge

We pre-date their eyesight’s history

And they watch each dance move,

rhythm withering away

until they catch the beat and learn

who they are and place it in a bottle

as an heirloom for their offspring to sip from

and now George is dead.

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