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Defacing The Now With Love Ascending


acrylic on canvas


Defacing The Now WIth Love Ascending

we are  dope as fuck.

our connection defacing

america's plan.

In studying and understanding the Middle Passage and it's affects on Africans, I thought about the love that existed in the bowels meant to break us. This painting is about the undying and growing love between the African man and woman, that kept them whole as they knew they had each other in the face of an uncertain future. All the while enslaved and being stolen to america. 


The "ship", the brown "U" shaped figure and the rose in the middle of the blue ocean is fashioned after the Adinkra symbol "Osram ne Nsoromma"

Osram ne Nsoromma means “moon and star.” It is a symbol of faithfulness, fondness, harmony, benevolence, love, loyalty, and femininity, from the proverb, “Kyekye pe awaree,” meaning “The North Star loves marriage.” She is always in the sky waiting for the return of the moon, her husband. (per - Bruce Wills)


The circles represent three things. 


1. Audaciously bold, Blak life and love daring to exist despite the adversity.


2. Chain links floating apart. The spirit forcing the thought of bondage into the ether because this strong love is stronger than chains.

3. The infinite union of souls


The colorful background is the new day that awaits us as we transition to this stronger, more fortified love. They are the commercial colors of Resurrection Day (Easter) to symbolize the resurrection of this love as it breaks through the sky upon its ascension. The "smearing" of parts of the circles represents winds of hate failed attempt to blow this love into the background.

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