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"Power Source"



acrylic on canvas


There is the term "it takes a team". Used whenever an endeavor is going to need a collective effort for success. 

During the Middle Passage, the journey that changed the lives of millions of Africans, many humans and their descendants, in the hulls of slave ships we had to support each other through the murky waters to survive. I imagined that through the chains and other nefarious  means to bound humans, African men and women embracing and exchanging energy that assured each of a future that was vastly unknown. With only the knowing of each other to survive.

It is my belief that as the mother who birthed of all civilization, God put his strength in the African woman. A backbone that served as the pipeline of power that to this day continues to get us through. She selects and carves the perfect stone that is the foundation of our people,

"Power Source"


God saw you

As the center

Of our survival

Your backbone, your strength

made of galvanized diamonds

Strong enough to breathe wind in my sails

pushing me forward

to carry the weight

Of such an angry country

out of your path/ so you can navigate

And course our future.

We will get there together

Our children will dance in reverie.

tomorrow will bring the rain only for growth

and I will sit under the day and 

watch you in awe/

as you give birth by winking an eye

to the promise of our people.

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