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Artist Statement







I am an abstract artist. I’ve often wondered why I was drawn to this art style. What I’ve found is the core of me resonates with and my mind functions the way an abstract painting often looks; colorful, “all over the place, with the appearance that it’s going no where and everywhere concurrently”, free. I appreciate the ability of abstract art to allow the viewer to define what it means to them, what they see. Which is often what’s born inside of them.


Someone once asked me if they were to take residence in my head what would it look like. After thinking a bit I told them, “it would look like a room full of over caffeinated kindergarten children”. Perpetually alternating from one thought to the next, full of joy yet caution, full of peace yet fear. I enjoy realistic work, but, abstract art is free of the constraints that realistic work commands at time. I, by nature and by “artist” am born to be free. Prayerfully, my art reflects this freedom and those that view my work feel this as well.



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