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"Black Tax: Vol. 1: Banana Black Man"



acrylic on canvas


Black Tax: Vol. 1: Banana Black Man 

Banana Black Man

the police can't smell your fear

because sulfur reigns

The "Black Tax", that extra cost that African-Americans pay for existing in america. Along every walk of life. When I played basketball in junior college we always talked about it before we had to play a school which had a team full of white players. We knew how the refs would call the game, unfairly. It was never a surprise it was just an extension of this country.

All of us know the "Black Tax" even if we don't know it by name. We've all experienced it.

Duante Wright paid the ultimate cost for the black tax. His life. Pulled over for an air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. 

(after further review the foul was, being black in america)

"Black Tax" Volumes 1-3" talk about that cost paid by three black men

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