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"Middle's Pass Age"



acrylic on canvas


Not only in a figurative sense, I'm certain that the travel of slaves ships from West Africa to the americas was literally stormy. This is elementary I know and only served as a mental reference for this work. From the swirling line that represents the wind, to the grayish tones. If you look closely at the painting you'll see images of stolen Africans that have jumped overboard to brave the uncertain and avoid the certainty of what they had experienced while on the ship.

Middle's Pass Age

(A whisper imagines itself on the wind

urging sails to reverse course.

wind is natural/it knows stolen

souls aggregated in hulls

is not.)


The ocean will never sleep like it used to

as the salt has cured the bodies/

and assumed tacit memories

of bones rattling along the dance floor...

we get down in the afterlife

feet flush with the audacity to

have rhythm - once we are pass the age

to get in.

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